Here at JDM we are committed to our clients' financial priorities and determined to make the numbers work for you. With the combined experience of 50 years, our team has a variance of knowledge and expertise focused on expanding our clients' financial literacy and taking the time to discuss and plan the path to success. We cater to a diverse amount of clients with a unique approach to every single one of them, from the corporate and public field to a personal one-on-one approach - designed with your peace of mind in mind.


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Mr. Rakesh Saini

Master of Economics

Public Business Accountant

The more you learn the more you earn. This is a team motto and cannot be modeled any better than Rakesh Saini. 

Mr. Saini holds an impressive portfolio of experience that can be seen in his leadership and work ethic. He graduated as a Master of Economics, holds multiple diplomas from BCIT, Langara, and Ashton College. He has worked as a Director of Finance at the BC Wildlife Federation and has steadily refined and researched to keep learning and expand his experience and knowledge. Partnered with many private businesses, Mastery in Property acquisition and sales, financial planning for business, estate planning, taxation.

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Mrs. Kusum Saini

Master’s in Economics & Master’s in English


When things get crazy, Mrs. Saini holds down the house. 

A co-partner of JDM Saini and Associates, she holds 10 years of accounting experience, has a Master of Economics and Master of English as well. Her skillset is invaluable and her experience is is one of the biggest assets in the team.

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Mr. Stan Chibueze

Master of Forensic Accountant


Stan Chibueze is currently a forensic accountant with experience in public and private practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting, is a member of the Certified Fraud examiners, not to mention he is also a research member with the American Accounting Association.

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Ms. Baljeet Kaur

Bachelor of Commerce


Ms Baljeet Kaur has been with JDM Services since 2015 and has been an integral part of our team. She is an experienced bookkeeper and performs numoerous private and corporate accounting functions. Ms. Kaur has had over 5 years of accounting and manangement experience including 5 years in India specializiing in private corporations. Before joining our team her most recent professional experience includes being an Insolvency counselor at a credit counselling firm for 3 years.

Mrs Aashima Khurana

Masters of Business Administration in Finance

Staff Accountant

One of the most razor sharp professionals on our team with five years of experience in the financial and customer service field, Aashima has a surgical knowledge of bookkeeping and finance. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and Marketing.


Mr Ankit Sharma

Masters of Business Administration in Research and Development

Assistant Accountant

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth through wide knowledge for business development. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Canada Itself. Also holds and experience of +1 years in the field. Ankit has Built a reputation for developing a business plans and innovative strategies. 

Mr. Jatin Mangal

Diploma in Accounting

Assistant Accountant

Has 2 years of accounting experience with the JDM services and holds the position for assistant accountant.